1979 System Map

System Map

RetroRide has recreated a system map of the Southern California Rapid Transit District based on a system map published by the agency in 1978.  This version of the map is the true key to the 1979 RetroRide data as it shows all of the routes that were operated by RTD in 1979 and shows our publication status of those lines, whether we have authentic (late 70s) schedule data, future-time (early 80s) schedule data or if we are going to have to simulate the data based on the information that we have.

As we are able to obtain more authentic schedule data where the status of some of the routes would change, we will publish a revised map.  Please remember to visit the 1979 Coverage List to see which routes on this map are actually online.  

And as always, if you have any schedules or other information that can help in the develop of more authentic GTFS data from this era, please let us know!

Adobe PDF Download System Map (PDF, 1MB)