Submitting Schedules to RetroRide

RetroRide is in need of scans (or actual copies) of the following timetables:

  • The following RTD public timetables from the period of 1977-1979:
    • 305 Huntington Park-Watts-Main St. & Imperial Hwy (biggest priority)
    • 306 Manchester & Central-Wilmington Ave-Compton (biggest priority)
    • West 54th St – North Main St
    • 12 West Washington Blvd – North Broadway
    • 14 Boyle Avenue
    • 16/17 Arizona Ave – Fremont Av
    • 87 Euclid Avenue – Evergreen Avenue
    • 420 Los Angeles – Alhambra via Brooklyn & Garfield Avenues
    • 451/452/453/454 Pomona local lines
    • 483/485 LA-Altadena via Fair Oaks and Lake Avenues
    • 488 LA-El Monte-West Covina-Eastland-Glendora
    • 490 LA-El Monte-Covina-Eastland-Pacific State Hospital
    • 492 LA-El Monte-So. Arcadia-San Dimas
    • 493 LA-El Monte-Monrovia via Peck Rd.
    • 494 LA-El Monte-Monrovia-Glendora
  • More information (especially supervisor summaries) for the Minibus lines (202, 205 and 206).
  • Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority (LAMTA) timetables that are listed on our LA1959 page as needs.  We have recently obtained streetcar schedules from 1962 just prior to the discontinuance of the streetcars.  Many of those schedules only show 3 timepoints and undefined headways.  If anyone has any supervisor summaries or paddles for these lines (even if it just one train run) this will help Retroride build the accuracy of the experience.   But the big priority is getting the 
  • We would also love to get scans of supervisor summaries, line instructions, stop listings and headsign instructions from the 1977~1980 or 1957~1961 periods.
  • If you have timetables from the municipal agencies from the 1977~1980 era, I am up for expanding RetroRide past the RTD.

If you decide to make scans, here's some tips.

  • Use a flat-bed scanner.  Using a smart phone to take a picture of the schedule does not always display the times correctly.   If you are concerned about reverse folding your timetables due to their value, then go ahead and send smart phone pictures.  Try to zoom in so 4 folds of the schedule are in each picture and try to open the schedule to be a flat as possible so we can read the times.
  • If the ink from the other side of the schedule is showing through, put a piece of black construction paper or something similar.
  • For RTD and LAMTA schedules, four "folds" of each schedule will fit in most scanners designed for 8-1/2x11 pages.  
  • If possible, try to keep an entire schedule together (Monday through Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays).  I  know this may not be possible in order to stay within the 4 fold maximum but in cases where a specific day's schedule takes 3 folds, then make those three folds a single scan.  
  • We need all of the days of a schedule in both directions, any passenger restrictions, the route map and if possible, the timetable cover.
  • Please do not crop or re-size schedules.  Schedules with stains and tears are OK as long as the times can be read.  Watermarking is fine as long as it does not obstruct the times, passenger restrictions or route map.

If you wish to send scans, please first make contact with me by using the Contact RetroRide form.  I will then e-mail you back instructions on how to send scans.  

If you wish to send schedules by mail, please make contact with me through the Contact RetroRide form.  If you want your schedules back, I will return them on my dime. 

Thank you for helping to preserve transit history in Los Angeles!

Here's a sample of a properly scanned schedule:

The last scan is an example of "4 folds".  

Again, thank you for your participation!